Is there anything called soulmates. I feel no.
I feel you should just follow your heart.
1. Look for the person whom you like.
2. Go out for a while and see how it goes. See if it clicks.
3. If no goto 1.
4. If yes, you move and work on the relationship.
5. Keep working on the relationship, coz there are very less people whom you like and you click. Don’t leave them easy, fight for him/her and work on the relationship.


Meeting Expectations not easy

Is it tough working/living with sincere people? Do they have a lot of expectations ?. These are some of the questions that come to my mind.
My wife is a wonderful person. She is one of the most sincere human beings I have ever seen in my life.
Now I realize that people who are sincere, hard-working and intelligent expect the same from people around them,
which leads them to set the expectation bar a bit too high for a normal person.

And i realize the same in my office, I think 🙂 that I am a sincere and hard working person, and due to that if anyone questions me,
I feel they are questioning my sincerity.
E.g. my office timing is 9 to 6, however if I come by 9.15 and my manager tells me to come by time, I feel hurt. Why ?
In a way my manager is right that everyone should follow office timings, but looking at it the other way, you feel if I am completing my work on time and with no issues
then why should he be concerned about me not coming on time (Except for days when you have a meeting at 9 :)). Of Course if you have meeting at 9 and then you
don’t turn up then it make sense to be told, to be on time.


Its been almost one year now in Singapore and it feels so good to live in a country which is so sophisticated and perfect. Its like living in an almost perfect world. Why do we don’t have the same thing in India.

Is Democracy responsible for this.

I feel democracy pushed India into corruption, which is primarily responsible for the state of affairs right now. Democracy thrives in places and states where you have almost 100% education. Can you imagine an uneducated person making a good decision while voting. May be 1% can or 2, or 3 but what about the rest. People still vote for just Re100 that is less than $2.

New Things

I want to learn, and I want to learn so many things now, that sometimes I feel i might go crazy. I want to learn dancing, yeah you heard it right dancing. I want to do solo skydiving. Yes again :). I want to learn python to create apps to stream data from twitter and generate useful data.

Below videos just inspire me.

Skydiving videos that makes me go crazy.

The Menace ‘Web Browser’

Its been a long wait, however I can finally see that the web browser will be out. Our life is getting filled with Apps. With the increase in internet speed and storage space, we can be sure that Apps will be the way to go. No need to open a web browser and type the name of the site, rather just click on the app and its there, no fuss, no javascript error and no connectivity issues. Why so?. If you look at our current lives and the usage of mobile in it , do you notice how much less of browser do you use on the mobile, that’s because everything is an App, you just download the one required.

Same will be soon replicated into the Laptops and other computers.

And last of all the news of Google dropping the bombshell. “The company demoed a new feature within its Android OS which allows the Now service (a dashboard of notifications focused on your life and interests) to plug in as a layer that essentially hovers above any app running on your phone or tablet. Activated by the home button, it’s always there. This means that you can get contextual search information around almost anything you’re doing, provided there is text and data that Google can pull from the app itself. And the best part is that developers won’t have to make any changes to their existing software to allow the new service — dubbed Now on Tap — to bring search and context into the user’s view.”

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