AWSCLI installtions issues

In case you are trying to install awscli and using cygwin and getting errors.
One of the errors that I encountered was
aws –version
> C:\windows-style-path-to-anaconda\python.exe: can’t open file > ‘cygdrive/c/cygdrive-style-path-to-anaconda/Scripts/aws’:

The problem is that you have installed awscli in your other python installation, could be windows anaconda.
The installation has to be there in cygwin
The solution is to install python and pip inside cygwin: Use the below commands

pip uninstall awscli
install apt-cyg /bin
apt-cyg install python
pip install awscli



How to SSH to a VirtualBox guest externally through a host?

Faced a lot of issues when I was trying to harden Metasploitable-2. One of the things that I learned was ‘how to SSH into a VirtualBox host’. The Metasploitable cli is not upto the mark :(.

Below are the steps which worked for me. Thanks Google :).

Go into VirtualBox.
Select your Host and click on “Settings”


Click on Network –> Click on Advanced –> Click on Port Forwarding and then add the SSH entry as shown below.meta-2

Got into VM CLI and install SSH Server:


sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Click OK and Save your settings. Reboot your VM.
Install Putty client and connect as shown below:


Use your id/pwd when prompted.


Hope the steps are clear.