Ratan Tata; and why he might have lost some respect

Whatever has been happening with the Tata Group has been saddening. I am not sure who is right or wrong, but definitely the way the removal of Cyrus Mistry was handled has not been professional at all. The Chairman of a company deserves to know if the board is unhappy with him and he or she has the right to at least get some time before these decisions are taken.

The Chairman deserves some dignity and if you think otherwise then the decision to designate the person as chairman was wrong in the first place.  In both the cases the board was wrong. Some people would argue that once you know that you were wrong it’s better to take faster corrective actions. However we need to understand that the Market is not just driven by numbers, it’s also driven by emotions and sentiments, which has definitely taken a hit in this case.

Additionally this will also inculcate fear into the minds of other top leaders, it’s simple if he can do this with the chairman then who am I.

 And Ratan Tata might not be looked at with the same respect again.