Open your Minds – Remain a student

I went to a training today. it was only a one hr training. I was really surprised by the questions that were posted to the trainer.

People asking random questions.

People not ready to listen to the full conversation.

People trying to be over-smart.

People trying to be prove that they are better than the technology/trainer itself.

I was just observing, at some point I thought I will just stand and give a 5 min lecture as to why have we come to this training.

I realized that as we grow and age, we think that we know everything and more importantly the other person does not know anything.

As we grow, we don’t have the learning hat On. As if all the learning in the world has been done with.

The reason that we have come to this training is to learn. Then why don’t we


Try and Understand

Make sense

Learn as much as we can.

Most of the questions that were posted could have been answered by themselves if you wait till the end of the training.

Sometimes its good to be a student. I guess not sometimes but remain a student always 🙂



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