Why has Flipkart delayed the joining dates of new campus recruits?

Really disappointed by the way Flipkart has postponed the joining dates for IIM grads.

Firstly, if you had a restructuring plan in mind, you should not have gone ahead and made the offers for June ’16. Basically you withheld information related to the candidates. Once you had told them about the dates the students would have made an informed decision (trust me there would have been still some students who would have joined you to fulfill their passion to work with a startup and you would have got much more committed employees who were willing to sit idle for 6 months for you)

Secondly, INR 1.5 lac compensation is not fair enough to an IIM grad for 6 months.

Thirdly, Sitting idle for 6 months, will make the fresh IIM grads loose their momentum of learning and implementing ideas and thoughts, which they have been doing till now. It will only demoralize and demotivate them.

Suggestion to Flipkart:

Not sure how many offers you have made and what sort of financial burden this will add on to the firm, however I would suggest you to include the candidates in the ongoing Org restructure. This is exactly what you need, new people bringing in new and innovative ideas.

Its not just about, from the company perspective, paying them salary or from the candidate perspective not getting paid, but Its more about making use of amazing people who are available at your disposal, candidates implementing what they have learned from brilliant professors and from one of the worlds top leading MBA institute.

You can even try to negotiate to start them off asap as interns till Dec ’16, so at least they start working with the Organisation and will be up to speed by Dec.

If all the above fails, and going by the way IIM has taken up the issue, the Institute might call for a 2nd round of campus placement which will be good for the candidates, however will definitely leave a black spot for Flipkart.

Best of Luck to both of you !!!!



Today I did not get admission into MComp from NUS. I feel so dejected and down heartened. I was so sure about it and still I did not make it. These are one of those moments of life when you think you deserve and still you dint get it. And it really feels bad. 

I guess I just have to move on. Try and plan something else, again keeping in mind that it might or might not be successful. 

May be that’s what life is all about.

Re: Whose truth do you value ?


“We dismiss genuine appreciation from a known quarter. And genuine feedback from a stranger ” — May be because we think that the person knows us and might be biased towards us, whereas for unknown strangers to shower praises or criticize: he has nothing to gain or loose hence it tends(not every time) to be more genuine.

I think more than person/quarter (loved ones or strangers) its more of how we feel about the authenticity of the feedback. I think it comes from experience.

A mother would always appreciate you no matter what, however it becomes so common for us, that even when she is genuinely appreciating you, you feel that you ignore her appreciation.

Eventually its your own experience that adds up to all of this. The moral is not to forget those events or scenarios where you were given feedback and analyze later which were the genuine ones 🙂

Afraid of Death

People are afraid of dying. Seriously you meet somebody with cancer or any other vulnerable disease and they way they act like they are dying every second.

But isn’t everybody just dying, I mean even a 1 year old child is nearing his death, isn’t it. Every second we live we are nearing death.

But as I was writing this piece, another thing comes up in my mind. Is there any fixed life that we have ?. I mean like is it written somewhere that XYZ person will live for 60 years. No. Then why fear for it. Its all in your mind. Even if you have a stupid disease you still can live a great life. No matter what, its just in your mind.