Is honesty really appreciated in the corporate world!!

Ofcoz most of you will say yes.

I have read many blogs/columns speaking volumes about how important it is to maintain honesty everywhere, specially in the corporate world.

However I find it difficult to accept it, because here and there I see clear examples of people lying to you (professionally and they use this exact word to hide it), people treat your honesty to take advantage of you.

One recent example, One of my friend was negotiating for a Job and the interviewer asked him details regarding his existing job and my friend told him that there is a XYZ personal problem, due to which he was looking to move to this new company, however the same manager used the data provided to him to negotiate a lower salary, additionally lying (which he came to know later) to him, how the manager has restrictions and blah, blah.

Once this guy joined the organization he realized that he was negotiated to the lowest levels of the payroll (way below his experience, skillset in the company)

Will you consider this OK ?

Is this part of corporate negotiating skills ?

Should this person (job seeker) had lied in the first place and made up a good story ?

If you replied “NO” to the above questions, how do you justify Honesty in the corporate world.



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