The Menace ‘Web Browser’

Its been a long wait, however I can finally see that the web browser will be out. Our life is getting filled with Apps. With the increase in internet speed and storage space, we can be sure that Apps will be the way to go. No need to open a web browser and type the name of the site, rather just click on the app and its there, no fuss, no javascript error and no connectivity issues. Why so?. If you look at our current lives and the usage of mobile in it , do you notice how much less of browser do you use on the mobile, that’s because everything is an App, you just download the one required.

Same will be soon replicated into the Laptops and other computers.

And last of all the news of Google dropping the bombshell. “The company demoed a new feature within its Android OS which allows the Now service (a dashboard of notifications focused on your life and interests) to plug in as a layer that essentially hovers above any app running on your phone or tablet. Activated by the home button, it’s always there. This means that you can get contextual search information around almost anything you’re doing, provided there is text and data that Google can pull from the app itself. And the best part is that developers won’t have to make any changes to their existing software to allow the new service — dubbed Now on Tap — to bring search and context into the user’s view.”

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I have realised that Indians do behave properly or better than they do in their home country. It could be giving space in the metro, saying sorry when you accidentally brush somebody or standing in a queue. Accidentally I am also one of those. Though never realised that it could be same for other nationals also.

Ankur Warikoo

I read his site and he has inspired me to create my own space, a space where you can pour out your heart. A space where you don’t know who will read, space where you can just write and still hide it from some of your friends on facebook :).

So lets see how it goes.

Wish me luck. if anybody reads this :).